Conseils pour les collégiens candidats à l’entrée en Section Internationale en 2nde

This is a message for the students in SI coming to the end of year 9 (quatrième).

Perhaps you are wondering how to prepare yourselves to do well in the entrance exam which you can take in year 10 (troisième) if you wish to join the Lycée OIB section.

Here is some advice for you.

1. The students who do well in OIB are the students who take an active interest in the world around them : read British newspapers (they all have a free on-line edition), listen to British radio stations (the BBC for example), research subjects that interest you and see how Britain approaches these issues (for example the climate emergency or animal rights or outstanding singers or actors… )

2. Successful OIB students tend to be avid readers. Choose books which you feel enthusiastic about.! Read whatever you want to, but it is very important to develop regular reading habits. If you need help choosing some good books to read for the summer, ask your English teacher who should be able to advise you. Otherwise here is a link to a list of books for your age group :

I hope you will be able to use the summer to start developing the reading habits that will help you get in to the OIB section.

Best wishes

Helen Shall
(OIB literature teacher at the Lycée Edouard Branly)

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